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B&w 5100 audio modifications

images b&w 5100 audio modifications

Do you have the manuals? Id also tighten all ground lugs and other hardware to minimize the Hallicrafter sound when you tap the table :: Carl. There is a PDF document with a schematic documenting all of the mods mentioned here. I have seen, restored and sold at least 36 examples at my work place. This is classic stuff like the old cars. If you find this resistor is not functioning, it cannot be found. Skip to site navigation Press enter. The transmitter is well known for its audio quality, its modular design more on that laterand its heft tipping the scales at 85 pounds. But it is advisable to check them for leakage, as a rule of thumb.

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    The B model is an excellent radio for AM -- it has good audio quality and will The 51SB required the to be modified accordingly, and B&W provided a kit​. I'm in the middle or restoring a B&W b transmitter, and I have been told removing I can leave it and go totally stock but improving the audio is always I have found that more than half of the mods I have seen touted turn out to be pure.

    images b&w 5100 audio modifications

    The audio mods, weren't much, a couple of resistors and a couple of caps. Mo left the couplate in his as I recall but in my B I removed it.
    Don't worrry, there is already another ground connection on pin 9 and this connector can handle the current with just one ground pin.

    Amen to that!!!!! Register for a free QRZ account.

    B&W , b differences

    Theohioexpress at aol. Check online.

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    images b&w 5100 audio modifications
    B&w 5100 audio modifications
    The 51SB had a power supply built in and required some modifications to the to make it work.

    images b&w 5100 audio modifications

    This is my actual B. Replace any you find out of value. Whatever type you choose, do this first.

    Re [AMRadio] B&W , b differences

    If you want to take this a step further, you can change the phone jack to one that is TRS tip-ring-sleeve. On the bias supply I recommend raising the voltage rating from V up to V on these capacitors, since the first filter cap in that supply is very close to the normal operating voltage of V. I will be using the same antenna for transmit and receive for now.

    The B&W B was manufactured between and by the Barker Near broadcast quality audio can be had after these mods are performed.

    There is. The doesn't cover but on the plus side it was easily modified to Both the Johnson and B&W sound good on AM/CW and the built in VFO in the B&W.

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    The modulation transformer in the B does look to be a little light for it's duty. Did you put that together yourself? My only complaint about the design is that the mode switch intereferes with access to one of the audio input shield screws - boo hoo. Along with the switch kit came an addendum that had you change several components. The adapter is connected via octal type, Cinch Jones, and several terminal strip connections.

    Refer to the schematic provided here to clarify the connections. Get the Viking

    images b&w 5100 audio modifications
    I have thousands of NOS 's.

    B&W Possibly the best built ham transmitter (imho)

    Viking II comparisons? Mike Dorworth,K4XM. Just remember, you'll need either xtals or a VFO. Yu get the bugs out of them. Brett Gazdzinski UTC. It's output connects via a piece of coax into a PL on the back of the VII, not into a crystal socket.

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    1. Mo left the couplate in his as I recall but in my B I removed it and modified the audio section to match the I don't know what prompted me to buy itbut now I am sure glad I did.

    2. Wasnt it the that was a drifter and the B fixed that and some other problems? I carefully matched the push-pull modulator tubes, and installed the strongest PA tubes I had in my inventory.

    3. In my opinion the best all around manufactured AM rig has to be the BC series, followed by the T Post by russ dworakowski you got a pretty good rig.