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Es 19 pag 338 rcm

images es 19 pag 338 rcm

This will obviously be a point to come back to when we look at the applications of these rounds. Posted: Fri Aug 24, pm. More penetration does not mean you have a bullet with more stopping power. Bought one for my son and I myself a couple of years ago. Notice: This site is not mobile friendly, we recommend you download tapatalk for a mobile friendly experience of our forum. Where can you shoot a Lapua?

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    images es 19 pag 338 rcm

    RCM # 04/13/ Joined: Apr So my query: anyone used IMR in the RCM? Any ideas, advice and. Hornady Spire w Varget = av ES Notes say ejector marks on /​ › › Long Range Hunting & Shooting.

    Win Mag vs Lapua Mag – Cartridge Comparison Sniper Country

    I'm throwing around the idea of building a RCM on a long was the consistent velocities with some load testing with ZERO ES for 5 shots.
    The factory runs fps, the runs fps from my rifle 20" barrel. It is a good round in a great gun. One of our favorite and most successful rounds for hunting elk and moose is the. While both of these rounds are known as having the capability to be used in long range situations, both are also used in a hunting capacity, which means shots taken at a shorter range are probable, so we will also take a look at the short range trajectories.

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    Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Combination Guns and Drillings. As with most factory loads, they do fall short of the maximal distance that you can obtain with hand loads.

    images es 19 pag 338 rcm
    Es 19 pag 338 rcm
    There are four elements that affect recoil and can be entered into a calculation.

    images es 19 pag 338 rcm

    Still, for comparing two cartridges, computer generated data is the best source of comparison and will be consistent from round to round. Winchester Collectors. Excellent info! Merry Christmas to all.

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    I had one, but only had the choice of one gun in lefty. The author did mention that there are a variety of factors that influence recoil but he forgot a very important one which is speed of projectile.

    A Win Mag with hot factory loads will out run a RCM.


    images es 19 pag 338 rcm

    on even though it was short action and built to be used out of a 19" tube. A guy offered this ruger 77 in RCM in trade along with dies and some brass.

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    I think it would make a decent rifle to have in the truck, much. This page booklet is a great resource of Alaska moose hunter, regardless I have one of the SS/Syn RCM Hawkeyes w/open sights. I chose it over the win mag because of the tidy package.

    RCM 24hourcampfire

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    Try the gr bullet but also give the Berger a try. Enough recoil to easily throw off a shot and enough to become uncomfortable after a short amount of time shooting. The physics and math behind the ballistic coefficient and its implications, while interesting, is not something we are going to attempt to convey in this article, but we do urge you to check it out. I asked for a 1 in 9 twist. With that being said, we will note that.

    SO, for long range shooting where the wind might be more of a factor, a better ballistic coefficient is something you might be looking for.

    images es 19 pag 338 rcm
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    Hello: OK, new guy here. After break in tried some ballistic tips.

    I had found the bullets in an old Sample Pack. NE Washington. I have the RPR Gen 2 in 6. Next Thread.

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    1. So, to look at accuracy in a roundabout way, we will recap some of the previous performance categories and see if we can draw some conclusions regarding the accuracy of these cartridges. Posted: Fri Aug 24, am.

    2. When we discuss momentum in the context of bullets, we are really looking at a metric for penetration and not how far the bullet is going to throw someone through the air.