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Problems with 2000 subaru outback

images problems with 2000 subaru outback

About 10 days ago my ck engine light came on and I took it in to my mech and he replaced the radiator hose and changed the engine plugs. Watch Queue Queue. The really annoying thing is that the 2. Some mechanics seem to be able to fix it temporarily, but it always comes back". When the check engine light came on, what codes were thrown? It still functioned but as a precautionary move I had it replaced" Francis B. Show Fewer Trouble Spots. Few carmakers have thought as laterally as Subaru has over the years. The first said it would definitely need an engine

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  • Subaru Outback Problems, Defects & Complaints

  • Get reliability information for the Subaru Outback from Consumer Reports, which combines extensive survey data and expert technical knowledge. Problem with your Subaru Outback? Our list of 6 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your Subaru Outback. The Subaru Outback has problems & defects reported by Outback owners. The worst complaints are transmission, engine, and accessories - exterior.
    Shocks or struts, ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, alignment, steering linkage includes rack and pinionpower steering pumps and hoses, leakswheel balance, springs or torsion bars, bushings, electronic or air suspension.

    Subaru Outback Wagon Problems/Maintenance Maintenance/Repairs Car Talk Community

    The Subaru 2. Amazing that they haven't addressed this problem" Peter N. Sirena July 4,pm 1. Accessory belts and pulleys, engine computer, engine mounts, engine knock or ping, oil leaks. Live demonstration of Subaru Forester and Outback's 4x4 symmetrical all wheel drive system - Duration: Updating a Falcon XR6?

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback
    Problems with 2000 subaru outback
    Took it to the garage they refilled it and it's been fine ever since" Wess D.

    Learn more about car Reliability.

    Subaru Outback Reviews

    When you have this done, they will enter the code into their computer and should give you a print out on a cash register receipt. Comment on this review. I went to look at the Subaru Forester and Outback a week or so ago, because I like the look of both and they interest me, but found out that neither has lumbar support in the driver's seat, and I was

    If my outback has engine problems then i say thank god the old owners took care of them, i inherited it from my folks when it had k miles on it, after 6.

    Well, an update--I gave up and sold the Subaru.

    Subaru Outback Reliability Consumer Reports

    I was sick of all the problems, most recently the gaskets in the back door around the lights. I purchased my first Subaru this past June. It is a Outback Wagon automatic. So far I have loved this car except for the poor gas mileage.
    I sold it with K on the odometer, and the new owner was pleased.

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback

    The affected fuel pumps were sold or installed into the aftermarket applications on or after July 26,and may may leak fuel from the base of a fuel line connection when the gas tank is full. A visual inspection of a timing belt is usually pointless and I find it hard to believe that someone started removing belt covers and so on to tell you this; especially if done for free.

    Review Date: 3rd September, The performance in the winter was superb with all season tires, and even better with Nokian winter tires.

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback
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    The owner comments describe problems respondents experienced with this vehicle.

    Subaru Outback Problems CarsGuide

    Having owned two Subarus,I am a real Don't like this video? But the wagon has its shortcomings: Normally competent handling can become tricky at the limit, acceleration is a bit poky, and fuel economy is unimpressive. There was a recall 2 or 3 years after I purchased it for a sensor or several sensors. Was a miserable trip".

    Read Subaru Outback reviews from real owners.

    Subaru Outback Problems, Defects & Complaints

    Find out what they're like to drive, and what problems they have. There are 24 reviews for the Subaru Outback, click through to see what your has been an issue); the driver's side mirror basically fell off pretty early on so. Are you having problems with your Subaru Outback?

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback

    Let our team of motoring We have only km on these vehicles after six months but have Read more.
    Pricy considering g the age and mileage, but decided to fix since the car is in otherwise good shape" Anonymous, VA Subaru Outback Limited 2. This Subaru has held up to thoUSnds of m". Part was cheap, labour expensive". There are 2 recalls on this vehicle. I have tried other more expensive brands and they did not work. Cougar July 6,am 5.

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback
    Won't go there again".

    images problems with 2000 subaru outback

    Cup holder broke as commented by other owners. At least I can still drive the car while I am figuring out the best way to deal with the problem. The car's fit and finish is quite good. Limped it in and it was the temp gauge.

    How to change a Subaru Head Gasket without removing the engine - Duration:

    Video: Problems with 2000 subaru outback Common Starting Problems for Subaru and Modern Cars.

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    1. Dealer would not acknowledge his mistake. We bought two new Subarus, an Outback and Impreza, after retiring — to discover the capped servicing is every 12,km or six months.