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Sean mulhern westpac online

images sean mulhern westpac online

The information contained in this prospectus that has been sourced from third parties has been accurately reproduced and, so far as we are aware and so far as we are able to ascertain from information published by such third party, no facts have been omitted that would render reproduced information inaccurate or misleading. To the extent that our potential customers continue to be adversely affected by these risk factors, we may experience any of the following:. The supply of aircraft, which we may purchase and lease, is dominated by a few airframe manufacturers and a limited number of engine manufacturers. Nevertheless, because we will hold title, directly or indirectly, to such aircraft, we could be held strictly liable for losses resulting from the operation of such aircraft, or may be held liable for those losses on other legal theories, in certain jurisdictions around the world. First Greenwich Kahala is the manager of the aircraft for the two pending acquisitions we have contracted to make and also owns 1.

  • Sean Mulhern. Co-Founder at GloveBox. Greater Denver Area. Internet. 1 person has recommended Sean. MacHelpers. University of Colorado at Boulder.

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    View Sean Mulhern's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Sean has 3 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. Commonwealth Bank, and the legal team Group General Counsel, Carmel Mulhern as Westpac sought to restrain Gillis Delaney from Sean Gilmour.
    Given the financial condition of the airline industry, many airlines have reduced their capacity by eliminating select types of aircraft from their fleets, affecting the prices both of the aircraft types they eliminate and the types they continue to use.

    These views continued to be discussed and modified and are. As a result, we have a limited performance record, operating history and historical financial statements upon which you can evaluate our operations, our ability to implement and achieve our investment strategy or our ability to pay dividends.

    Natural disasters can significantly affect fuel availability and prices. As a result, weak or negative economic growth in any of these regions may have an indirect effect on the value of the assets that we acquire if airlines and other potential lessees are adversely affected. Each ADS represents one common share.

    images sean mulhern westpac online
    Sean mulhern westpac online
    Public shareholders who might desire to participate in these types of transactions may not have an opportunity to do so.

    As a result, whether a United States judgment would be enforceable in Bermuda against us or our directors and officers depends on whether the U. A joint committee of the U.

    images sean mulhern westpac online

    This investment strategy is consistent with how our founders have historically advised their clients while at First Greenwich Kahala. Additionally, First Greenwich Kahala acted as the co-investment adviser to Trafalgar Kahala Jet Fund Limited, or the Trafalgar Fund, a Cayman Islands exempted company, created to acquire, invest in and lease used aircraft.

    Katherine R.

    Mulhern, Esq. We may do so, however, when bank or other debt financing is available and our management . treasurer and secretary, or John Patrick (“Sean”) Kearney, our chief technical officer, may be of BNP Paribas) and Westpac Leasing Asia Ltd.

    images sean mulhern westpac online

    Mr. Garland holds a Higher National Certificate in​. Ph: 61 2 Email: @ Web: www.​, 21 Mulhern Road Level 24, Westpac House 91 King.

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    Overriding all of our investment decisions is the belief that strong pricing discipline is required to provide an adequate margin of safety against unforeseen future events. The tables below reflect information for all aircraft that were acquired by entities for which First Greenwich Kahala acted as external advisor or manager, either alone or with joint venture partners.

    Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission, state securities regulators, the Minister of Finance and the Registrar of Companies in Bermuda, the Bermuda Monetary Authority nor any other regulatory body has approved or disapproved of these securities or determined if this prospectus is accurate or complete.

    We do not maintain key-person insurance for members of our management team.

    These limits generally apply only to engines manufactured after

    images sean mulhern westpac online
    Potential problems include increased security restrictions on air travel in the United States and elsewhere, increased airline costs for, and restricted availability of, aircraft insurance and fuel, enhanced security measures, a decline in.

    If this were to happen, the price of our common shares could decline significantly and you could lose all or a part of your investment. If we decide to issue debt or equity securities in the future which rank senior to our common shares, it is likely that they will be governed by an indenture or other instrument containing covenants restricting our operating flexibility.

    Some of our potential competitors may have significantly greater operating and financial resources and access to lower capital costs than us. All of our outstanding common shares are currently owned by our founders, Messrs.

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    1. Because our decision to issue debt or equity securities in any future offering will depend on market conditions and other factors beyond our control, we cannot predict or estimate the amount, timing or nature of our future offerings.

    2. During these proceedings the relevant aircraft would likely not be generating revenue. Additionally, we may, from time to time, incorporate single-purpose subsidiaries for the purpose of holding our aircraft investments.

    3. For example, in response to fears of swine flu originating in Mexico, travel was depressed and suspected infected travelers into China were quarantined.

    4. This affects, among other things, the circumstances under which transactions involving an interested director are voidable, whether an interested director can be held accountable for any benefit realized in a transaction with our company, what approvals are required for business combinations by our company with a large shareholder or a wholly-owned subsidiary, what rights you may have as a shareholder to enforce specified provisions of the Companies Act or our bye-laws, and the circumstances under which we may indemnify our directors and officers.

    5. In jointly-managed transactions, all rights and obligations were divided evenly between First Greenwich Kahala and its joint-venture partner, with First Greenwich Kahala and its joint-venture partner acting as if they were a single entity.