The maritime industry plays a significant role in the growth of the US economy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the maritime industry is a major source of employment for nearly 400 000 workers. Most of these workers are employed in different areas such as aquaculture, marine transportation, commercial diving, and shipyards.

But despite this positive contribution to the economy, shipyard workers are prone to accidents such as slips and crane accidents which can be fatal. If you are injured in a shipyard accident, it’s always important to seek legal assistance from a competent shipyard accident lawyer.

How will the lawyers help, you ask? Here are reasons why legal assistance is beneficial. Let’s delve in.

Protect You Against Exploitation by Your Employer

Some shipyard companies may try to avoid liability when a worker is injured. The company may attempt to convince the injured employee to seek medication from the company’s doctor and then resume work. Better still, the employer and insurers might use devious methods to settle your case quickly. In a worst-case scenario, the employer restricts you from accessing medical care or refuses to offer you compensation. A shipyard lawyer will come in handy to guard you against exploitation by the employer or insurer.

Claim for Compensation

Many people involved in shipyard accidents may sustain serious injuries that affect their whole lives. Other injuries are fatal. In case you sustain injuries in a shipyard accident due to outdated tools, incomplete training, or negligence, you might qualify for compensation. But you may easily give up on pursuing your claim due to the complex legal process involved. A shipyard attorney can assist you through the process and ensure you get fair compensation.

Help You Understand Your Legal Rights

Many workers are not conversant with the rights that protect them as a worker. A lawyer will help you understand your legal rights after an accident. For instance, you have the legal right to choose the doctor to treat you.

Handle All the Legal Work to Give You Time to Recuperate

If you have sustained injuries in a shipyard accident, you should seek medical attention immediately. Depending on the nature of the injuries, the doctor may demand that you rest for a certain period. If you don’t have anyone following up on your case, crucial evidence might get tampered with and affect the chances of winning a lawsuit. This is why you should have a lawyer.

When you have a shipyard attorney handling your case, you can enjoy peace of mind as they follow up on your case. The attorney will:

  • Offer you the legal representation you might require
  • Negotiates on your behalf
  • Establish liability
  • Gather important documents

Final word

Being injured while at work may be a traumatic, confusing, and stressful experience. Getting compensation for the injuries or loss of life can help alleviate the emotional pain. However, making a claim without an attorney’s assistance can be quite exacting. Don’t hesitate to call a shipyard accident attorney right away.

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