The world of personal injury law is one which is highly competitive and it is important that firms within this field are able to do all that they can to set themselves apart from the rest. Whilst there are important aspects to this such as pricing and the results which the personal injury law firm is able to deliver, it is service which is really where clients are won and lost. There is so much that these companies should be looking to do when it comes to service, and here is how they can be excelling within this field and making sure that they are attracting more clients.

Access To Lawyers

It may surprise you to learn that less than 10% of all clients who call a personal injury firm are not put in touch with a lawyer on their first call. Despite the fact that they are calling for legal advice, or even coming into the office to get some legal insights, less than 10% of these clients are actually given access to a lawyer. This is something which absolutely has to change because if it doesn’t, you will not be doing anything to boost your client service. This is a simple change to make and one which will greatly increase the quality of the service which you give your clients.


It is not always easy for clients to spend their time on coming to the law offices, which is why some level of outreach would be a great idea here. All that the firm needs to do is commit to visiting the offices of the clients once or twice during the handling of the case, in order to see a huge boost in the attitudes of the clients. This is a surefire way to increase the level of service which you are delivering and making sure that your clients are every bit as happy as you can make them.

Empathy and Communication

Two major criticisms which clients have of law firms is that they are not shown the empathy which they require and that they are not given the proper level of communication which they believe to be necessary. This again is very easy for a lawyer to give to the clients and it can greatly improve service. Many lawyers fail to give clients a proper explanation about what is going to happen in their case because they think that they will not understand the details. This is rarely the case and the reality is that they will grasp much more than you realize. Make sure that you are working with your lawyers on improving both their empathy and communication skills.

This is exactly what you need to be looking at when it comes to ensuring that your law firm is delivering they very highest quality service to its clients. This can really be the difference maker when it comes to beating rivals to clients in this highly competitive industry.

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