We are very much living in a world whereby the quality of a law firm is measured by how they behave online, and how they are viewed on the web. This may sound a little unfair given that the qualities of a great law firm should be honor, a history of winning and a passion for the truth, but this is the world as it is today. There are some firms out there like the Judd Shaw Injury Law personal injury law firm, who get both ends of this right and know how to show the world the values which they have. One aspect of how these firms do well online is social media, and here are some tips on how to make this online tool work best for you.

Sharing Quality Content 

Some common advice which we see when it comes to managing a social media page is to post regularly, which is certainly important. The danger however is that in being so focused on regular posts, you actually end up posting sub-standard content. The key focus should always be on making sure that whatever content you share, that it is of a very high quality. This means sharing topical content with your opinions, latest changes in the legal world and success stories about your firm which people will love. Simply sharing images or viral memes is not enough to stay relevant and impress your followers.

Engaging With Followers

Social media is a two way street and whilst you should always be focused on making sure that you are sharing high quality content for your followers, you should also be looking to engage. Social media accounts which never reply to those who comment on their content, will eventually see less and less people making comments, which is going to damage the reach which your content has. The key is in the term ‘social media’ here, and that is why you should always look to engage with those who are doing so with you.

Following Metrics

Something which very few businesses will do is to monitor the metrics which they are given from the social media site. This however is critical information which you can use to increase the success of the content which you share. For example you may find that there is a certain time of day in which your posts perform better than others. If this is the case then make sure that all of your content is shared at the same time when you post it. These insights are absolutely golden when it comes to increasing the level of engagement and visibility which your posts are going to get. The metrics are easy to understand and monitoring them will help you to deliver a higher quality service on your social media pages.

These are some simple tips which you should look to employ when managing your law firm’s social media pages. The better that you deliver, the bigger boost in clients and reputation the firm is likely to see.

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