Every person in the United States has the right to freedom of speech, to vote, to petition the government, to equal protection, to refuse a search, and protection against discrimination. Unfortunately, many people still face discrimination in education, credit, employment, voting, housing, some federally-funded programs, and public accommodations. If you feel like your constitutional liberties have been disregarded, you can file a claim. An example of a violation is being discriminated against in the workplace due to a physical disability or being falsely arrested by police officers for illegal reasons. If you feel your constitutional liberties have been violated, you should immediately reach out to New York civil rights lawyers at Friedman Levy to get the best legal advice on how to proceed. Some of the options you can take after being violated include:

Settling the matter

Many legal disputes like personal injury claims do not usually end up in court. In many cases, the people usually agree to settle it outside the courtroom. The same applies to discrimination. For instance, if you were a victim of discrimination in your workplace, you could work with an attorney to negotiate a settlement with your employer. This is beneficial for both parties. The victim receives financial compensation while the employer avoids any further legal claims.

Filing a claim with the government

The federal government has agencies who specialise in investigating any constitutional liberties violation against citizens. For instance, a victim can seek help from the U.S Department of Justice, The U.S Department of Education’s Office, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. There are other state agencies that also deal with claims of discrimination and violation of constitutional liberties. When you file a claim with a federal or state agency, they will act on your behalf. They will investigate the truthfulness of the claim and help you win the claim.

Filing a Lawsuit in Court

If you have been violated, you can file a lawsuit in civil court. However, in special circumstances, you must file a claim with the relevant government agency before doing so in court. The first thing you must do is review the case with an attorney and examine the evidence and facts in order to determine whether to file the lawsuit in federal or state court. The attorney will file the complaint that will show how the defendant violated your liberties. The complaint will also include the request for compensation.


Protection against discrimination and violation has allowed many Americans to enjoy the equality everyone deserves. Unfortunately, statistics show that many people still face discrimination and violation. Although law enforcement officials and the government try everything, they do to combat these violations, their efforts are still yet to protect everyone from such experiences. If you need to get compensation or justice for any violation or discrimination, you can either reach a settlement outside the courtroom with the help of an attorney, file a claim with the government, or file a lawsuit in court. The best action to take would be to call an experienced attorney who will explain to you your legal options and take you through the process successfully.

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