You let someone borrow your car, and the other person gets involved in an accident. If it’s the fault of another person, their insurance company will cover all the damages and losses, but if it is the fault of your driver, you will have to cover all the damages.

Certain exceptions are considered that are taken into account at the time of the accident, like if the driver was an intoxicated or similar situation like that. All of these can become a mess for you because it wasn’t you in the first place who caused the accident, so it is always best suggested to consider hiring a car accident attorney in Spokane, WA. Your car accident attorney will run you through all the legal procedures and get you out of it in no time.

Who is entitled to pay if someone else smashes your car?

Usually, the insurance coverage you have is more directed towards the vehicle than you as an individual. So whatever damage that occurs to the car will be paid for by your insurance company. However, in certain states, some rules state that the person is liable to pay for all the damages, including vehicle and health, which seems technically correct.

Furthermore, if there is a situation where the other driver has caused the accident, then their insurance will pay for all the damages. Nevertheless, certain exceptions are made too. So if you need a clear understanding of the exceptions and the laws, you may consult your Car Accident Attorney.

What if your car insurance claim is rejected?

There are certain situations where your insurance company can reject your claim if someone else is driving the car. Here are some of them:

  1. If you have been robbed.
  2. If someone took your car without your consent.
  3. The individual driving has not been disclosed in your car insurance policy.
  4. The driver is intoxicated or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. If the driver does not own a valid driving license

If someone else was driving your automobile and got involved in an accident, your insurance company denies paying. Then in this scenario, you must reach out to a skillful car accident attorney. They will make sure that they understand your situation and use their skills to make sure that you get your claim compensated.

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