Dog bites can be a bit more complicated than other personal injury cases. For example, in road accidents, the liability falls on the person whose negligence caused the collision. However, who’s negligence is to be blamed for a dog bite?

Even though dog owners might not want their dogs to bite other people intentionally, the liability still falls on them. Therefore, when a dog bites you, its owner is liable for your injuries and property damage. You can file a personal injury claim with the help of a skilled attorney by contacting King Law’s Geneva office.

A dog has bitten me. Who is liable?

If a dog bites you, the chances are that you can prove its owner responsible for your damages. Most states have laws that hold the dog owner liable for the injuries and damages they cause. The dog’s owner is financially responsible for paying for all your damages, be it economic or non-economic, regardless of whether they were aware of their dog’s aggressive behavior or not.

For example, the dog owner can raise the argument that their dog had not done something of that sort before. In some states, the owner might be held only partially responsible if they successfully establish that they had no intentions of hurting the victim. However, in some states with strict laws, the owner has to take full responsibility for the victim’s injuries regardless of the circumstances of the attack.

What do I need to prove in a dog bite claim?

For a successful dog bite claim, you must prove a few things to maximize your compensation.

  • You need to prove that the specific dog has bitten you and caused your injuries. For this, you may require a medical exam.
  • You must prove that you did not attempt to provoke the dog in any way which caused it to attack you. For example, if you had thrown a rock at it or teased it, you may not get compensation.
  • You must prove that you were in a safe zone and had the right to be in that area at that specific time. For example, if you were at a place with the warning sign “Beware of the dog”, then you will be responsible for your injuries for ignoring the sign.

When is the dog owner partially liable?

There are some instances when the dog owner might be only partially liable for your injuries. If the owner had previously warned you about the aggressiveness of their dog and you ignored their directions, your chances of winning the case decrease significantly.

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